Treats for the Dog Days of Summer

Let's face it.  It's really hot outside.  Luckily our mom tries to think of creative ways to keep us cool.  Her latest way to keep us cool is Kong Easy Freeze treats.  (Full discloser, Mom actually learned about these from Indy's mom on Facebook.)

Kong Easy Freeze treats are very easy to make.  First you start with a cup of warm water.


Next pick out your Easy Freeze flavor.


Pour the flavor packet into the water and stir.


Get out your ice cube tray.


Pour the flavored water into the tray and stick it in the freezer.


After a few hours, you will have some delicious frozen treats.  In these pictures, we are eating the White Cheddar Cheese flavor.  They are our favorites.



So far we have tried the three flavors that come with the trays: White Cheddar Cheese, Chicken Soup, and Sweet Potato with Maple.  We do not like the Sweet Potato with Maple flavor but the others are good.  If any of you have other flavor suggestions or recipes-from-scratch, we'd love to hear them.


Copy Kat

World's Best Dad