First Snow

We got our first real snow of the winter on Saturday.  Not very much accumulation, but we aren't going to complain.

First we went for a walk to the park.



We each decided to try the dog walk at the playground.



We wandered around the park a bit, but since we couldn't find our long leashes to really run around (we think they are at Dad's apartment), we decided to drive over to the dog park.

Once we got to the dog park, Dad checked the park and luckily, no other dogs were there, so Mom and Dad let us get out and play.


We love to run!  The park is long and narrow and perfect for running.  Mom and Dad like to stand on different sides of the park and we run back and forth.





It was super fun and we only got a tiny bit dirty. Success!

We would really like to have more snow, so we had Mom hang up a sign in case the Weather needs to know how we feel.


Let's hope it works!

Steve and Kat

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