Christmas Roundup, Part 2

Today we are going to share what presents we gave our parents.  We really put a lot of thought into it.  Sure, Mom and Dad got other presents from each other and our grandparents, but really the only important ones are from us.

For Dad, Wilbur gave him a new knife so Dad could try to have a tool as sharp as Wilbur's claws.


Kat gave Dad some tools for his bike so he can always get home to her kisses.


Steve gave Dad a Jeep.  Dad really wants a Jeep and Steve wants to ride around in it with the top off, so with this present they both can dream of some day having a real Jeep.


For Mom, Wilbur gave her the game Risk because it's always risky to try to pet him.


Kat gave Mom the game Clue because Kat loves trying to clue Mom into the fact that it's always time to run.


Steve gave Mom a photography how-to book and a flash diffuser.  Steve loves to pose for pictures but wishes Mom was better up to the task of taking pictures worthy of his handsomeness.


What did you get your parents for Christmas?

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