The Atlantic Ocean!

Our final stop on our July 4th vacation was the ocean. We didn't have to do any research there, just have fun. It was Steve and my first swim in the Atlantic Ocean, so now we have swam in both the Pacific and the Atlantic.

We couldn't wait to get to the water!


Here we are, going in for our first wave.


And surfing!


It was so fun, so we had to run back and get Mom to come in too.


Of course, there is always time for some stalking by Steve on the beach.


After we played and played, we took some Glamour Shots. Mom was kind of annoyed at me because I didn't smile. I don't understand why she doesn't understand that I can't pose for pictures when there are seagulls around.



Steve and I are in agreement, the beach was the best part of the trip!


Why can't we stop at the vet?

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