Research Assignment: St. Mary's City

We made a stop at Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland. It was the first settlement in what was to become the state of Maryland. Just follow us across the bridge to the historic settlement!


This building is a reconstructed chapel. The chapel is reconstructed on the foundation of the original chapel. Even though the chapel was a prominent building in the settlement, the settlement is considered the birthplace of religious tolerance as the Maryland Religious Tolerance act was passed in 1649.


Next we saw an old tobacco barn. It is original from the 1700s. It was very historical because Steve and I went nuts smelling it. Dad thinks it could be because there were mice or something under the building, but it's because Steve and I have noses for history and we were just taking it all in.


Next we saw some examples of different types of fences that were used in the settlement. We determined, through careful analysis, that the settlers did not have Siberian Huskies as pets because these fences would have never worked for that.


Next we visited the Maryland Dove, a cargo ship.


The crew of the Maryland Dove was very welcoming and invited Steve and I aboard.


After our visit, the crew filled up some buckets for us and Steve took the opportunity to show what kind of ship dog he would be.


He didn't get the job.

After our visit to the ship, we went back to the car so our tour has come to a close. I should mention that in addition to the settlement buildings, there were also a lot of bunnies and squirrels at the settlement. Steve and I were not allowed to get close to the squirrels and bunnies, so we were not able to determine if they were from the 1600s or just replicas.


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