Can I eat all of these in one sitting?

Best Bully Sticks is having their semi-annual sale, so Mom placed an order for bully sticks. She says they should last us all year; I would like for that statement to be false.


We were pretty excited to get a package that smelled delicious.


Best Bully Sticks even sent us a free turtle!


Look at all of these bully sticks. They are all for me.


Kat doesn't like bully sticks as much, so Mom ordered her a smaller size. I don't think she looks very impressed. I will eat them for her if she wants because I am a great brother.


Mom did not let me eat two bags of bully sticks after posing for the pictures, but she did let me have one*. I gobbled it up.



*One bully stick, not one bag, sadly.

Look Mom, we made the bed!

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