Running Rules

Today I thought I'd take you on a run with Kat and me. We really enjoy running with Mom and I bet you will too, so grab your gear and meet us by the door.


We always have to sit before we can go out the front door. Usually we end up sitting twice because Mom makes us move because she can't open the door.


Once we sit in the proper place, we have to stay sitting before we can go outside. No running out of the open door, pups! Safety first. We always have to wait for the signal.



There goes the signal and now we are out the door! (Please excuse the blurry pictures. Mom has a hard time taking a good picture while running.)


Mom sometimes doesn't like running in Charlottesville because the sidewalks are narrow and there usually isn't a buffer between the sidewalk and the road. She has trained us to not run in the road, but it still makes her nervous. Here is an example from one neighborhood.


Mom likes it better when we reach this neighborhood because there is much more room for us in case we decide to chase a squirrel.


The best stretch of the run, at least in Mom's opinion is when we go across this overpass. She thinks it has maximum protection for us from cars and maximum protection for her from squirrel chasing by us.


Another rule for our runs is that we have to sit at the stoplights. Our favorite stoplight is at one particularly busy interesection. Because it is such a busy intersection, there are grassy areas by the crosswalk at each corner. When we reach this point, we are about four miles into our run and have about one more to go, so it makes for a great rest stop.


Here we are waiting at a more normal crosswalk where we have to wait on the sidewalk.


That's the way we run. Remember the rules: (1) wait at the door; (2) don't run in the street; and (3) sit at the crosswalks.



Happy 5th Steve and Kat!

Look Mom, we made the bed!