Christmas Recap

Even though Christmas is over a week in the past, we haven't posted about our Christmas yet, so here we go!

All five of us loaded up in the 4Runner and went to Missouri for Christmas.  It was the first time we have been away from home for Christmas.  Our Missouri grandparents don't really like dogs in the house, but they fixed up their garage for us.  We had our own heater and an assortment of rugs to sleep on, along with our crate that we brought from home.

We were allowed in the house to open our presents, but Mom forgot to take pictures.  Our grandma took one though.


We got some Kong Genius tubes. We also each got a couple Wholesome Hides and some delicious bacon and cheddar biscuits, as well as a couple picture frames in the shape of a paw and a bone.

Wilbur got to roam the house along with our aunt Lexie.  On Christmas, Wilbur was transformed into Wilbur the Christmas Kitty.  I'm not sure he liked his new title. 


Here's a picture of our aunt Lexie.  She and Wilbur look very much alike, but Lexie doesn't have white paws.


On Christmas, our Aunt Kari and Uncle Joe brought our cousins Marty and McFly to our grandma and grandpa's house.  Steve and I didn't get to meet them for some reason, but Wilbur did.  He was not sure what to think. This picture is Wilbur in a standoff with Marty and McFly.


Here is Mom and Marty.  Marty is really cute and cuddly.


Here is our Uncle Joe and McFly.  McFly is also really cute and apparently makes for a good in-shirt heater.


Our Missouri grandparents live on a farm and they do not have a fenced yard, so we always have to be on leash.  They do have a lot of good stuff to smell like horses and all sorts of random poop from deer and other wildlife.  It kept Mom and Dad on their toes to keep us away from poop.  Our grandpa built a new barn last fall and it is mostly empty.  It is an enormous barn, so Mom and Dad let us run off-leash on the barn and we had some good chase and wrestle sessions out there. (If Mom sounds half asleep in this video, it's because she was.)

Finally, Mom and Aunt Kari built a gingerbread house for Christmas.  The theme was Who-Ville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  We thought it should have been Woo-Ville, but were outvoted.



That's our Christmas recap!  We hope you all had a good Holiday too!


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