Mount St. Helens

Yesterday we went to Mount St. Helens. Perhaps I should really say that Steve and I just rode in the car, got out at the parking lot, walked around the parking lot and got back in the car while Mom and Dad went to see Mount St. Helens. Pets aren't allowed in most areas there, so it was kind of boring for us. Dad did take a picture of us in the parking lot.
That's not Mount St. Helens in the background, it's just some other spot. Here's a picture of Mount St. Helens.
As you can see, Mom and Dad didn't get to see the top of it, but I guess they got the idea of the whole thing. At any rate, it's better than what they saw when we went there a couple weeks ago during our camping trip when they saw this.
Even if we didn't get to actually see Mount St. Helens because of the no-pets rule, a day of riding in the car is much better than a day at home listening to fireworks, at least if you ask Steve.

We hope you are all having a Happy Independence Day if you're in the USA and if you're not, we hope you're having a happy July 4th!

Ice Cream Run

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