Camping = Wet

We went camping last weekend. As the old saying goes, it was real, it was fun, but it wasn't exactly real fun. It rained the entire time. Rain doesn't deter Mom though, so she still look pictures of us.

We tried to channel The Thundering Herd with our new tie-out line. The only problem with it was that Dad hooked us to the line with our leashes and our leashes got super gross with dirt and water. I don't think we had been home for five minutes before Mom had the leashes in the washing machine. Next time, Dad is going to use something else to hook us to the line.
At one point, Mom looked over and saw Steve giving himself a pawticure in his water bowl. I think he looks pretty zen.
We were able to do some hiking near the campground, where the forest was thick enough that we didn't feel the rain drops. We crossed a trippy-trap bridge, but the little camera had some problems with the picture since it was dark in the forest.
We also found some huge trees that had fallen over. For some perspective, look how tiny Steve and I look on the top of this tree!
Next we came upon a river. It had some pretty good rapids. We were doing a lot of thinking next to the river, as you can tell in the picture.
Finally, we found this tree that was sort of hollow in the middle. Mom tried to get us to pose in the tree, but as usual, it didn't quite go as she had planned for me, but Steve was the perfect model.
After the hiking, we retired to the tent, or as I like to call it, the giant crate. I quickly claimed my spot.
I don't know what Steve was thinking because he laid down on the floor instead of on the other cot.
We're going camping again in a few weeks and Mom sure hopes it doesn't rain all weekend next time!

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