It brings out the blue in my eyes

Mom has been working hard up in the sewing room. First she created the Extreme Crate Makeover. Now she has created a quilt for me. Mom can't take all the credit though because Dave from the Army of Four helped her figure out how to quilt it. (Or maybe it was his mom, I can't remember.)

Now my blanket is finished and I took some time today to model it.
It's pink, blue, and chocolate brown. Don't you think the blue looks good with my eyes?

The bad thing about having your own quilt is that it follows you everywhere you go. Here it is, trying to rest with me on the couch.

It also goes to bed with me too, but I just don't have a picture of that.

Mom has just started on a quilt for Steve. Hopefully in a month or so, he will share his quilt!


PS. Just so you don't miss Steve too much, this is what he did earlier this week while Mom was putting her hair in a ponytail before our walk. He just gets so excited. (Sorry, it's not a very good picture.)

Hide and Seek

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