Final Woolympics Results

The results for the last Woolympics event, leash walking, have been tabulated and the winner is Kat! Not too much of a surprise there, but what did surprise us was that Wilbur took home the silver. Pretty good for a feline.
In the secondary event, Kat won for the loudest non-walker. If you think she was bad in that video, you'll have to listen for her in a video Mom made this weekend. We'll get that posted soon.

So the final results from the Woolympics are as follows. It's pretty amazing how we all won the same number of medals!

We also mentioned that our crate has undergone an Extreme Crate Makeover. It's a pretty remarkable change. Let's take a look at the crate before the makeover.
It was pretty bad. Some pups (no idea which ones) had chewed the bottom of the cover to shreds back in their younger days.

And here's the crate now.
Huge difference! The cover now covers all four sides and goes all the way to the floor. It can be tied up on any side. There are dowel rods (removable for washing) at the bottom of each side panel so they stay weighted down and hanging properly and the top has a pocket where Dad slid in some foam core to make the top solid so Wilbur can sleep up there. Mom made the cover, so it's customized just for us. It works out pretty well, nice and cozy.

Fun, fun, fun 'til my dad says my paws are too dirty!

I misunderstood, honest!