Our vacation

We are working on a video for our next installment of the SKW Woolympics and also tabulating the results from the Sitting Pretty Event. Our work has been delayed because we went on vacation. Mom and Dad went somewhere (not important) and Kat and I went to our favorite home away from home, Roscoe’s Ranch! (Wilbur had to stay home and defend the homestead.)

We had a pretty good time at Roscoe’s. We like it there because we get off leash play time throughout the day. It gives us a chance to do a little bit of this:
And a little bit of that:
And a whole lot of this:
After we get tired of wrestling, running, and sniffing, we even take time to look cute.Picture11.vhmrqAYIX4jY.jpg
Then Roscoe’s Ranch emails the pictures to Mom so she can see that we are still as fluffy as when she left us. That makes her feel good while she is away from us.

This time at Roscoe’s, we tore up our pet cot after we got our bath. My lips are sealed as to who might have done it, but I will point out that it had a hole dug in it and we all know who is the digger in this house. If the paw is clean, it wasn’t me!

Another feather in my cap

Woolympics - SKW Style