We like turkey

We hope all of our friends had wonderful Thanksgivings, filled with turkey in their dreams and in their tummies!

We went over to Dad's house for Thanksgiving.  We hadn't seen Wilbur for a month or so.  He is still crazy, so don't worry about him.  Mom and Dad made a turkey.  Doesn't it look delicious?


We thought it did too so we tried to make our move while Dad was carving it. Notice our bowls lined up on the counter. Dad knows how it's done and he puts some turkey in our bowls while he puts it on the plate for him and Mom.


After turkey, we napped.


And napped.


And then the c(k)ats decided to see what was going on outside.


And then the last three steps were repeated multiple times.  It was a good day.



Dad was a birthday boy

Thank you for the cookies!