Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Mom signed us up for a professional photo shoot. We went to it a couple weeks ago and hopefully we can share the pictures with you all once they are available online. After the professional shoot, Mom set up the tripod in the front yard so she could try to get her own pictures of us while we were all matching. (No Wilbur because he prefers not to be that close to us and Mom preferred not to get holes in her new shirt.)

We took seven pictures, so I’m going to share all seven. You’ll see that I am looking perfect in every single picture, but the rest of my family can’t get it together.

Photo #1:
First, all of these pictures are goofy because Mom posed us with weird shadows over Dad. In this picture, Dad’s got his hand in a weird spot over my back and Kat is looking at the kitty across the street.
Photo #2:
Look at me. I’m looking happy and bushy-tailed, but Kat is looking weird. She sits like a lazy bum and can’t even look at the camera.
Photo #3:
Mom ruined this picture because she has her hand up after pushing the remote to make the camera take a picture.
Photo #4:
Kat just can’t stop looking at the kitty. I swear, she will never be a professional model like me.
Photo #5:
Again, Mom has the remote in the picture and Kat’s doing something goofy.
Photo #6:
Honestly, Kat! What is she doing? She is hopeless.
Photo #7:
I gave up after this picture. It’s pretty good even though Mom has her chin up in the air all weird.
See what I have to deal with? My handsomeness is diluted by all the others in these pictures.

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