The Grand Opening

I received a really positive response to my career choice. Several pups asked me to write prescriptions for them. That has prompted me to announce the grand opening of Dr. Steve's Cure-All Clinic!

At Dr. Steve's Cure-All Clinic, we are serious about good health!

If you want a prescription from me, just shoot me an email at stevekatwilbur AT gmail DOT com. Tell me what ails you. I can diagnose problems from rear-end pain to pain-in-the-rear-humans. You can even send pictures if you need to fully describe your problem (but if you send a picture make sure you are okay with me posting it on my blog). Once I review your file, I'll post my diagnosis and prescription right here on my blog! For really serious cases, I will consult with Nurse Kat.

Dr. Steve, at your service

Good Times!

Our cookie arrival