Maebe's Prescription

Kayla wrote in to the Cure-All Clinic, not for herself, but for her sister. Isn't that sweet? I wonder if my bossy sister would do that for me. Anyway, here's what Kayla had to say:

Dear Dr. Steve,
WOOOO have given some great advice. I think Maebe needs some help diagnosing her foot problem. She treats her feeties like chew toys. It is really quite disturbing.

WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,

For this diagnosis, I consulted with Nurse Kat. She is the one at this clinic who chews on herself and rolls around scratching her back the most. Nurse Kat said that Maebe just needs her dad to give her lots of scratchies. While that might work, I think it's more of an issue of Maebe trying to tell her parents that she needs some exciting chew toys. So I prescribed the following:

Maebe, I hope this helps. I also want to see some pictures of you with your new chew things. If you need a recipe for banana bones, look under the Kat's Crazy Kitchen section of our sidebar.
Dr. Steve

Moms make good beds

Last but certainly not least