Hiking on Whidbey

After our stop on Coupeville, we drove around the Naval Air Station, trying to see if we could see any cool planes, but we didn't. After Dad gave up, we headed north to Deception Pass State Park. There is a cool bridge there, but Mom didn't get any good pictures of it without trees in the way.
Here's a neat picture from under the bridge though.
We did a hike up to the top of a hill. Steve would like you to think that it was a mountain though so he wanted me to include this picture.
We took a family picture at the top of the hill.
Also when we got to the stop, we split up girls and boys. Here's a picture of all the boys.
Here's a picture of the girls. Don't you love how I make my mom carry the poop bags? She's so embarrassed that she forgot to set that off to the side before the picture!
Here's me with my mom with the beach down below. Dad says we will go back and hike to the bottom so Steve and I can go swimming. I can't wait!
So that's how our day trip went! It was really fun and Steve and I were so tired after it was over!


Exploring Whidbey