My first prescription

Thunder of the OP Pack is the first pup to ask for a prescription from me. Here's what the OP Pack had to say.

"Steve, can you send a prescription that will help cure TD of his love of being out in the rain?"

This was a pretty difficult case to diagnose. I really dislike the rain, so I was having a hard time identifying with why Thunder would want to stay out in the rain. So I took a nap. I've always heard that it's best to sleep on it if you have a big problem.
After I woke up from my nap, I felt refreshed and I had a medical breakthrough. Thunder wants to stay outside because he's trying to find a way to dig a tunnel to be with his sweetheart, Kat. That explains why Thunder wants to be outside, but why does he want to be outside in the rain? I knew that Thunder has recently had a bath at the groomers, so I am fairly certain that he is staying outside in the rain to show his mom that he's taking his own showers and doesn't need baths or grooming.

Therefore, I have prescribed a two-fold cure for Thunder. One is that he should have a photo of his sweetheart posted in his crate. Here's a suggestion:
My other prescription is that Thunder be exempt from baths from now on. In the event that he has to have a bath, treats must be administered one for every 30 seconds of bath time. My official prescription is below:

Good luck, Thunder! I hope this works for you.
Dr. Steve

I'm helping!

Good Times!