The End of the Adventure

After our swimming and hiking, we went back to Friday Harbor to wait for our ferry back home.  While waiting, we did a bit of walking around.  Mom and Dad got chai teas and cookies at a little coffee shop/bakery and we got attention while waiting outside.  Then Mom got an idea that we should go take our picture with the "Welcome to Friday Harbor" sign in the background.  So we walked out on the pier and started posing.

Take #1:
That one wasn't good because Mom cut out the sign.

Take #2:
Mom got the sign that time, but Dad is looking weird.

Take #3:
Another good picture, but Kat wasn't looking.

Take #4:
Honestly, why can't Kat look at the camera?

Take #5:
Finally a good picture of Kat and Dad.

As you can see, I was photogenic in all of the pictures, but it's hard when you have two others who won't cooperate.

We hope you enjoyed our adventure!

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