Beach Bums

Continuing our tale, we next stopped at a place called English Camp. You can read the history of English Camp on this website.

While at English Camp, Mom and Dad put our long leashes on us and let us go swimming in the ocean!

The beach wasn't very nice and was covered with barnacles. Our leashes kept getting stuck on the barnacles, but it was still fun to swim and get wet. Dad threw rocks in the water and we swam to chase them.

After we went swimming, we saw some Canadian geese. Kat tried to hunt them down, but I had other ideas. Do you know that wherever geese are, they leave little tasty nuggets behind? And I don't know exactly what Canadians feed their geese, but whatever it is, it makes the nuggets so delicious that I just couldn't stop eating them. Mom thought it was gross, but I don't know how she even knew since she didn't try any.

Mom took Kat away from the geese and decided to work on some recall. Kat is very well trained and demonstrated an excellent Siberian recall.

The white picket fence you see at the end of the video surrounds the formal garden. Here's a video of Dad and me joining back up with Mom and Kat just outside the formal garden.

We have two more installments in our series about our big adventure. The next one will be dedicated to The Thundering Herd and the final one to Stormy of the Army of Four. Those are your clues!

Hiking like The Herd

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