Hey, why didn't we get to go?

I'm not sure how many of you saw the OP Pack's post, but my mom visited them. Without me. Let me repeat that.

My mom visited MY boyfriend, Thunder, and did not take me.

I am very upset. So is Steve. He thinks he would be great friends with Thunder and Phantom and we'd both be honored to meet Princess Dakota.

On the bright side, Dakota, Phantom, and Thunder sent some goodies home for us. Their mom had the presents wrapped up all pretty, but Mom forgot to take a picture of that. Anyway here's everything they sent:
There's even a kitty wubba for Wilbur! Isn't that thoughtful?

Mom let us play with our new toys on the bed last night. Here's me with my ball.
And Steve with his rabbit.
Steve and I both squeaked our toys while Mom and Dad tried to go to sleep.

THANK YOU OP PACK!!! We love everything you sent us!

What makes us happy

My new sleeping spot