Happy Graduation to me!

I’ve been taking Mom to school the past month or so. I’m learning how to train her and when I’m done, I will get my Canine Good Citizen certificate. That’s the certificate that the AKC gives out to dogs who learn how to train their humans to behave properly when they are on leash and out in public with their dogs. Mom has to learn to politely greet strangers while I sit and look handsome and how to stand still while I get brushed and stuff like that. It’s really challenging for her, so to keep her mind engaged during class, I let her give me lots of treats. Our teacher gives the humans two recess breaks during class so the humans can talk to each other and rest their brains. During recess, I play with the other dogs. Even I need a break!

One dog in the class brings her whole family to class, her mom, dad, and her two human siblings. I really admire that pup for being able to train four humans at once! I have my hands full with just Mom!

We just wrapped up Part 1 of our training and we’ll get back to school after the Christmas break. Apparently I’m doing really great at training my human because I got a diploma!DSC_0630.5UHmiKCE5r9b.jpg
I’ll keep you posted on school and let you know when I finally have Mom completely trained and get my CGC certificate!


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