Black Friday Shopping

Did any of you pups brave the crowds for some Black Friday shopping? We did! It was really fun. Mom forgot her camera, but Dad took this picture of us at the self checkout at Lowe’s. It’s not very good because he took it with his phone.

I can’t tell you everything we got at Lowe’s because some of it is Christmas presents, but we did get Mom a little Maglite. It was over 50% off and she’s going to carry it in her pocket when we go on walks in the dark so it’s easier to find anything we might leave behind, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Mom and Dad were so proud of how well behaved we were at Lowe’s and lots of people commented on our beauty and behavior, so I guess we were good Siberian Ambassadors.

After Lowe’s, we went to Petco. I can’t tell you what we got there either because I don’t want Wilbur to find out, but we picked out something really great for his Christmas present. We were a little crazier at Petco because it smelled so good. Dad tried to get Steve to look at the hamsters, but Mom told Dad “no!” and so he stopped. He’s pretty well trained. Dad wants to get me a hamster in a ball for Christmas, like on that movie Bolt, but Mom said no way.

Last we went to the craft store, but Steve and I had to stay in the car there. Mom didn’t end up buying anything while she was there because she couldn’t make up her mind. I’m sure I could have helped if I had been allowed inside!

I can’t wait to hear how all of you spent your black friday. What about today? Did you do any Cyber Monday shopping?


PS. We probably won’t post for a bit because Mom’s iMac is back in the shop and it’s got all the pictures that she took for Dad’s birthday on it.

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