Playing Baseball with Dad

Aunt Kari and Uncle Joe sent us some cool presents for Christmas, so I thought I'd share one with you. They gave us a bat with a basket on the top for throwing balls. Now, you know that Siberians aren't too big into chasing balls. Well, actually Siberians might be pretty good at chasing balls, we are just very challenged at bringing balls back. I am pretty good at bringing balls back, but only in the house. Most of the time I won't play fetch outside, but Mom and Dad recently bought us new cuzes and I really like to fetch that outside. So Dad decided to use the cuzes with our new bat.

Mom said we had to play baseball outside, so here we are.

We had a lot of fun with the bat and Dad enjoyed it because he could scoop up snow and throw that at us too. As you might have noticed in the video, a lot of our snow had melted and if you look outside now, you won't see any! It's horrible.

Happy New Year!

The Orange Thing