We have visitors this week.  Our Texas grandma and grandpa are here.  They brought us some really good chewies, some big ole treats and some kitty Greenies for Wilbur.  Mom and Dad have been requesting that we be on our best behavior while we have guests.  Steve and I are on our best behavior all the time, so I'm not sure why they felt the need to specify anything.

The one thing about guests is that they are cramping my style.  I usually lay on the big couch, on the left end.  However, Texas grandpa sits there now so I have to lay on the floor in front of the TV.
Steve, on the other paw, doesn't care and he goes to his normal spot between the coffee table and the couch.  Texas grandma is nice enough to put her feet up for him.
So that's the update on our guests.  Wilbur likes them too and apparently tries to sleep with them.  I hope he doesn't try to eat their faces!

PS.  I feel like I need to stick up for my poor dad.  He just got tons of bad press after that dinnertime video.  In his defense, he doesn't usually ask us if we are hungry.  I think he wanted to show off for the camera.  You know how humans are!  They are so hard to train.  I just wish I could make them understand like five sentences in Siberian, then I'm sure they would be a lot easier to deal with.


Dinner Time!