Kat the Gardener

Steve told you what he did last weekend, so now it's my turn. While Dad and Steve were building stuff, Mom and I planted some new bushes.

First we had to dig up all the soil. I was happy to help with that. Then we had to dig a deep hole. I was happy to help with that too. Mom dug on one side with her shovel, I dug on the other side with my paws.Next we put some compost in the hold and stuck the plant in too. Next Mom put a bunch of rocks around the plant because she doesn't want me to try to dig holes for any new plants in this spot.

And here's our finished work! Mom said she thought the hole was more in the middle of the semi-circle, but once the plant was in, it didn't look like it. By that point, the dirt was falling apart around the roots of the plant, so she was afraid to move it.We've got some more plants to install this weekend, so I'll show you that next week!

PS. This is our 400th post!

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