Blogathon Prize Update

Opy and Charlie, the Dogs With Blogs lead dogs, won a gift certificate for Happy Hearts Dog Cookies during Blogathon.  This week, we got an email from them saying that since they live in Australia, they wouldn't be able to get the cookies through customs.  We are really disappointed, and I'm sure Opy and Charlie are as well.  So what we did is assign everyone who didn't win a prize in the big prize drawing during Blogathon a number.  Then we got a random number generator off the internet to pick a number.  The winner is the Waterdance Pack and they will now be receiving the gift certificate.

So now we'll be sending the gift certificate out to our new winners.  Congratulations!


PS. I've got some cute pictures of myself to post soon, so don't worry.  We've just been resting up this week.

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