We got mail!

Last week, Mom came home and found a package on the porch.  Of course, it wasn't for her, it was for us!  So she took it outside and showed Kat and me.  I took a close look at the package.  It came from Texas.  I had a hunch who it was from.

So Mom took the package inside to cut it open.  When she got it open, she took out the card.  I was right!  The package was from the great pups Tucker, Dot, Sam, Bear, and Millie!  They wrote us a really nice card.
Mom videoed while she unpacked the box.  We got all sorts of great stuff as you can see.  (Mom is kind of retarded.  She said that we got a sheep, but it was really a cow.)

My favorite presents are the stuffies.  I really like the beaver.  I named him Bernie Beaver.  He really looks up to me, so I make sure to take him with me when I go places like outside or to the bedroom to sleep, or just to hang out in the kitchen while Mom is cooking.  I like the stuffed cow too, but not as much as Bernie.  I just like to keep the cow close by so Kat can't play with it.
Thanks so much everypup for our presents!  Kat loves everything too and Wilbur really likes those treats you sent.  We've also found his little dog toy in random places, so I know he's playing with it while we're in our crate during the day.

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