Wilbur’s in the Siberian Clubhouse!

Congrats to Sitka for answering the question “What’s wrong with this picture?” The answer was Wilbur’s in the clubhouse! Well, he’s not completely in the clubhouse in the picture, but trust me, he was before and after this picture. I don’t get it. When we moved into this house, we specifically said “No Cats Allowed”. Apparently Wilbur doesn’t follow directions at all. No wonder I try to chase him so much. He’s completely stupid. I think I’m happy he moved out. It’s about time. I mean, he has to be an adult in cat years.

Kat (the good one, not the bad one, you can tell by the "K")

PS. Lots of you answered correctly, so great job.  I'm glad you all know the rules of the clubhouse.

What prey drive?

Look closely...