Wilbur in Bora Bora

Meow. I'm stopped again, this time in the Tahitian isle of Bora Bora. It's really beautiful here, if you like things like water and beaches. Generally I do not like to get wet, but since I was in a special tropical location, I decided to make an exception and I donned my goggles and went on a shark feeding expedition.Now before anypup gets any ideas, I was not the shark food. I just fed the shark some other food and watched the other humans on the tour do the same. I took a lot of of notes just in case I ever needed to actually do some mouse hunting. Sharks have very sharp teeth, but they don't have anything on me.

I'm really getting pretty hungry. Without Mom around, I don't have anyone to open my cans of food. I'm sure I'll survive though.


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