Pizza Crust is good

This morning, because we are busy blogging, Mom stayed home with us and sent Dad to the store for the weekly grocery stock-up.  Dad brought home some pizzas and Mom baked them for lunch.  Sometimes Mom and Dad don't like to eat their pizza crusts, so you can guess who is ready to help out with that, right?  That's right.  Me (and Kat)!  We're always ready to lend a paw (or mouth).

Mom broke her pizza crust in half to give me some and Kat some.  But then she dropped the piece for me and Kat ate both pieces.  I was very sad and dejected, so Dad offered me some of his crust.  He doesn't usually share, so my sad face must have been very effective.  After I ate the piece he offered me, I decided to stick around in case he decided to share any more.

Lucky for me, he decided to let us have the crust off his other piece, but this time Kat got some too.

Pizza crust is really very delicious.

Look closely...

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