Helping Mom sew

As we mentioned, Dad was gone last weekend and we were home alone with Mom. Boy, she really put us to work! It’s a good thing that Dad isn’t gone every weekend or she might work our paws to the bone. However, since that weekend was special circumstances, we were happy to help. After all, we are a working breed.

The main project that Mom planned for us was sewing some curtains for the living room and the bedroom. She had already purchased all the fabric, so we just needed to sew everything together.

First we had to cut all the fabric to the right size. Because the curtains were so big, we didn’t have a table big enough to use, so we laid it all out on the floor. We used the tape measure to cut the curtains to the right size.

I needed to check the fur-stickability of the fabric, so you can see that I was working hard on that.

I’m happy to report that the black fabric has very high fur stickability, but the other fabric does not.

Next we had to sew, sew, sew! Kat is really working hard behind the sewing machine, as you can see.

After all the hard work, we had to take a break.

We’d like to post the completely finished product, but unfortunately, we didn’t finish the curtains. The parts we did finish can’t hang up yet because Dad hasn’t hung the curtain rods. I swear. It’s like I have to do everything myself around here.  (We did go buy the rods last night, so hopefully before the end of the day, I can show you.)


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