Game #2

It’s time for our second game. This time the prize will be some stinky pet spray. 

We’re sure none of you pups need it, but I think it’s actually for you to spray on your humans. Those of you who live with cats might like it too because Wilbur has become atomic with his gas. (He’s not here to get mad at us for writing that.)

So here’s the next question:

How many years has SOS-SRF been helping huskies?

Good luck and in case you forgot how this works, here’s the rules again:

Here’s how the game works. We’ll ask a question and the first pup or kitty to leave the correct answer in our comments will win the prize. All answers are available online and most (but not all) are on the SOS-SRF website. One final note is that you must have pledged to win a prize. If you still want to pledge a donation, just send us an email at stevekatwilbur AT gmail DOT com. You can still play along even if you do not wish to make a donation.

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