Mill Creek Festival

As mentioned before, we went to the Mill Creek Festival on Sunday. We don't live very far from where it was held, so we rode bikes over there. Mom and Dad got some pizza for lunch and we didn't get any pizza. Boo! Here's a picture of me waiting for Dad to finish his Diet Coke.Here's Kat. She's waiting too. I've noticed that we spend a lot of time waiting on our humans.

After Mom and Dad finished their pizza, we went over to the Pet Plaza. Mom wanted to talk to a few dog food companies since she's trying to figure out what dog food to switch us over to next since Canidae is changing their formula and outsourcing their production. We got samples of some food, but so far, Mom hasn't let us eat any.

The Dock Dogs were performing at the Pet Plaza. It was really cool. Mom caught one dog on video.

Here's what Kat and I did while the Dock Dogs were swimming.
I took a moment to look really handsome.
Since Mom said we couldn't go get in the big Dock Dogs pool, we went over to this booth where they had a "doggie spa" set up. We took full advantage of it. It was sponsored by the store where we buy our dog food and a groomer. I got the groomer to share some of her lunch with me, so she's cool. Mom scheduled an appointment for us to get groomed on Friday.
All in all, it was a fun afternoon.

Here's another blogathon prize. These butterflies make crinkly noises.

Cute little puppy

I love this bunny