Birdy Beware!

It's me, Kat, again! I don't have any pictures of this adventure, yet I thought I'd tell you all about it anyway.

The other day, Steve and I were in the backyard playing. This was before Dad worked on the fence to make it escape-proof (more about all of our escapes later). So Mom was watching us pretty closely to make sure we didn't end up in the deaf-old-lady's yard or the neighbors-who-leave-their-gate-open's yard. However, Mom was also unloading the dishwasher, so she wasn't actually watching us every second.

So all of the sudden, Mom heard this terrible squawking. She looked out the window and saw me with a bird in my mouth and another bird trying to fly away. She hollered at Dad to go outside and take care of it. Apparently Moms are not equipped to deal with bird situations. So out cameDad, armed with a grocery bag and a shovel. By this point, I am bored with the bird that I so grandly caught out of mid-air and Steve was standing over it. (Steve was trying to take credit for the bird, but we all know he would never actually be fast enough to do anything.) Dad picked up the dead bird and took it back to go in the trash dumpster.

However, that was not the end of the saga. The other bird managed to get up in the tree and just kept squawking at me for a long time. It also flew and hopped from tree to tree as I walked around the yard. Mom found this very disturbing, but I was just daring it to stop talking smack to me and come fight me like a man. We would see who wins! It never did... YET! All birds must watch out when they visit MY yard!


PS. Mom doesn't know what kind of bird it was. She's pretty bird stupid. It was blue and had a "mohawk". She couldn't find the type on wikipedia after trying for like at least 30 seconds so she gave up. I couldn't help either because all I saw was yummy!

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