Clubhouse Warming Gifts

Today we got a cool package from Echo, Meeka, Shyla, and Shadow.  They sent us some housewarming presents for our clubhouse.  Isn't that super nice of them?  We were really excited.  Here I am checking out the box.  Yep, it had my name on it!

Mom tried to take pictures of us looking at what was in the box, but of course, we were too excited to sit still, so she had to resort to video instead.  However, she did get some pictures of us with the cool card!  Here I am reading it.
Of course, Kat wanted to see too.
Here's all the stuff they gave us.  It's great to have such awesome friends!

We have never received a bag of fluff from our friends, so we had to take a sniff.  I now feel like I've pretty much met Echo!

Those mail man treats were looking so tasty, so Mom didn't make us wait and just let us have them as an appetizer to our Canidae.  Echo, they were delicious and you should get your mom to get some for you!

Finally, Wilbur LOVES his treats.  He almost ate the bag trying to get some more, so Mom had to hide it in the cabinet!

Thank you so much for the presents.  Mom says if the rain stops this weekend, we will make our paw print stepping stone.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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