Tagged and Gardening

We got tagged by Amber to play Japanese name tag.  Our copy and paste is acting up, so see the rules on the A04's blog, please.

Steve = Arichikuruku
Kat = Mekachi
Wilbur = Meikitatudoshi

I think Kat's is the best since we could actually figure out how to say it!

Second, Mom finished a lot of her gardening this weekend.  She had Dad hang up this window box on the front of the clubhouse and then she planted some pretty stuff in it.  We are supposed to be good and leave it alone.  So far, so good.
She also finished the two beds that she was working on during her digging contest with Kat.  So far, we haven't dug up these plants, but I have decided to start peeing on them.

Hope all you pups had a good weekend too!

I got a job!

My Final Exam