How To Go To the Dog Park, Part 5

Part 5: Let's Play!

Here are some pictures of us at the dog park.  First up, an embarrassing picture of Kat.  Doesn't she look retarded?
Next is a picture of Kat's dirty face.  She was standing in a puddle and Dad thought she was going to lay down in the mud and roll around.  So Dad yelled, "Kat!  Don't do it!"  So she didn't roll around, she just dunked her face.
Finally, here is a picture of both of us.  Mom and Dad have been taking treats to the dog park and when they call our names, we come running and we get a treat.  We have to sit first though.
Amici asked in our last post "How BIG is that dog park?  It looks HUGE!"  Well, our dog park is about 10 acres.  It's got a giant area (that's what you saw in the video last time).  Then it has some fenced trails that go all the way to Lake Washington.  It's a really cool dog park.

Next time is our last post in this series... going home.


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