Today we went snowshoeing with Mom and Dad.  Being huskies, we didn't need any stinkin' snowshoes, but Mom and Dad sure did.

We drove up to the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest to snowshoe.  There is a road there that makes a loop, but the highway department doesn't plow part of the road in the winter and it makes  good snowshoe or cross-country ski trail.  On our way, Dad stopped at the ranger station just to make sure there wasn't avalanche danger where we were going and we got the A-OK!  Here's a picture of us with Mom before we got started.
We were pretty excited to be out in all that snow.  Here's a video of us messing around while waiting for Dad to get all the stuff out of the car.

Then we started down the trail.  We wanted to pull, pull, PULL, but Mom and Dad's snowshoes really dug into the snow and we couldn't pull them down the trail.  Bummer.

The snow is really deep over the uncleared road.  Here we are with Dad in front of a sign and you can see only the top of the sign!
We hiked for two miles, then Mom and Dad stopped for lunch.  We stopped at a picnic area, but all the picnic stuff was covered in snow, so Mom and Dad just sat on the ground.  Steve and I put on our 60-foot leashes so we could really roam around.  However, we are so used to sticking with Mom and Dad, it wasn't until Mom started throwing snowballs that we realized we could actually venture out.

Since we stopped at the picnic area, there weren't a lot of trees close by, but I did manage to get my leash wrapped around a tree and Dad had to come rescue me.  Mom didn't get the daring rescue on video though.  You can see in this video that I was very grateful to Dad for being my hero!

Mom and Dad had fun snowshoeing and they said we can go again soon.  Right now we don't have a lot of places to go because of the avalanche danger, but as soon as that goes away, we might try some different trails.


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