Walking With Steve

Welcome to a new edition of "Walking With Steve".  You might remember when I tried this once before and it started pouring down rain and Mom's pants fell off.  (Okay, almost fell off.)  Well, now I'm back for another go at it.  It gets dark pretty early here in Seattle in December, so it's dark when we go for walks.  I decided to show off all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood for this Christmas edition of Walking With Steve.

It was only 25F when we decided to head out.  As you can see in this picture, I just threw on my leash and puplight and I was ready to go.  As you can also see, Mom threw (and I use that term loosely) on her hat, gloves, snow pants, snow coat, iPhone headphones, treat bag, poop bags, camera, head lamp, and a variety of other things and then she was ready to go.  Can you believe all the stuff humans require?
I took three videos because our camera doesn't like when the videos get too long.  This first one shows our house (not very decorated) and the rest of our street.

Next we have another street with several lights.  This was taken after Mom about fell on her rear crossing the street.
Finally we have this section of houses that are all decorated.  Remember them because I'm going to do another segment where we come back to one of them.  I discovered something interesting, but Mom had already put the camera away.

Mom says she's embarrassed at how noisy her walking is and will try to do better next time.  She does say she can't help it because she's walking really fast to keep up with my pace.  Excuses, excuses.

It's a Snow Day!

This is the weather we like