Football Time!

Since it's Saturday, College Football Day, I decided to post these pictures of last weekend.  It was a big day for Steve and my college teams.

First, Texas A&M (Steve and Dad's team) played Kansas State.  Steve and Dad were totally ready to cheer them on.  Go Aggies!
Unfortunately, the KSU Wildcats managed to tame the Aggies and Steve and Dad were very sad.  (Wilbur was happy since he says cats always win.)
Next up was Oklahoma State playing Missouri.  Mom and I LOVE OSU!  We were super excited to cheer for them.
It was a big game for OSU since they were playing Missouri AT Missouri and Missouri was the #3 team.  Notice I say WAS since OSU won!  Mom and I were super happy as you can see in this picture.  
Okay, I was happy on the inside.  Really.  Don't believe what you see in that picture.

Today is another big day for our teams.  Unfortunately for Steve and Dad, I'm predicting that the Aggies will come up short again since they are playing #7 Texas Tech.  However, I hope that Mom and I are still happy at the end of the day since now #8 OSU should have a fairly easy game against Baylor.  I hope I didn't just jinx it!

Go Big 12!

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