Weekend Update

We had a very boring weekend. Mom was sick and spent the entire weekend on the couch. Lucky for her that I kept her company. Here's what she saw after getting up to go to the bathroom one time.

One highlight of the weekend is that Dad took us to the dog park yesterday. We got really dirty and rolled around in some mud, so we ended up having to take baths when we got home. Dad said we smelled like pigs and he told Mom that maybe we needed a bath. Then Steve walked past Mom on the couch and Mom said, "Oh! Steve! Gross! Yes, give them baths!" So, even though we weren't happy about it, we had to take baths.

Another good thing that happened is that some of our friends from Texas sent us a housewarming present. They sent Wilbur a mouse and Steve and me collar tags. We can't decide who gets what. There is a pink one that says "Fetch It Yourself". Pink is my color, but I like to fetch, so the saying matches Steve to a T. The other one says "It's a Dogs World... Adjust". We both like that one. So we haven't decided. Thank you for the presents! The people who sent them to us are Adopt a Husky of Dallas foster parents and they have a pet store, Fur The Animals. 10% of all orders go to the pet rescue of the customer's choice (entered at checkout), so you might check them out next time you want to buy a present for yourself.
That's pretty much our weekend in a nutshell. Oh, I did do something really helpful. Mom had a big pile of kleenex on the coffee table Friday afternoon. She had come home early from work and Dad wasn't home yet. So while Mom was sleeping, I thought I should throw all the kleenex away for her. On my way to the trash can with the kleenex, I shredded them into little pieces, just so they would fit into the trash can. Unfortunately, Dad came home during the middle of my shredding, but before the trash can, so he thought I was just making a big mess. Can't a girl ever just be helping?


Update to Weekend Update: Our friends who sent us the presents just started a blog! Go check it out and say "hi"!

I love this toy