New Dog Park Friend

We went the dog park again last night. We met up with Maddox, a four month old husky. He was so cute! We can't believe we were once that little! Also while we were there, two other huskies came. One looked almost identical to me! She ran around so much that Mom didn't get a good picture of her.

Here's a picture of us playing in the pool. That's Maddox trying to chew on the edge of the pool. Isn't he so cute?This is another picture of Steve and me. We kind of hog the pool when we are there.Here's a video of us playing in the pool. Maddox is trying to get brave enough to get in!

At first, Maddox was pretty shy because it was his first time at the dog park. But soon enough he really wanted to play with Steve and me. Here are a couple of videos of him playing with us and watching us wrestle.


Utter Embarrassment

New Dog Park Pictures