What a Fun Day!

Today started out like any other day. We did lots of wrestling while Mom and Dad got ready for work. Then Mom stuffed our Kongs full of yummy stuff and told us "kennel". We ran into our kennel and started working on our yummy Kongs. After the yumminess was all gone, we noticed something interesting. One of the doors of our kennel (we have a three door one) was open! Well, there was only one thing to do - get out!!

We had such an adventure! We had the entire house to ourselves so we could do whatever we wanted. I'm not going to post about everything that we did because I think my mom reads this blog, but I will say that we chewed the rug by the front door up. (She already knows about that.) Here's a picture of the view from the front door. See all those little things on the floor? Those are pieces of the rug. Here's Dad showing off the rug, first front, then back.You should have seen Mom and Dad's faces when they got home. They opened the door and we were standing there waiting to say "hi"! They didn't know what to do since we weren't in the kennel! It was such a surprise. I hope they leave the kennel door open every day. There are more rugs in the house that are just dying to be chewed up!


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