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We were tagged by Indy earlier during Blogathon. We are supposed to answer a series of questions. Here we go!

  • Where is your favorite place to sleep?
    • Steve: In front of the shower
    • Kat: on Mom and Dad’s bed
    • Wilbur: on the back of the couch
  • Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats?
    • Steve: I always have to sit and sometimes I have to do down, or up, or stay. Whew!
    • Kat: Pretty much the same as Steve, but I have more patience for it.
    • Wilbur: No. I get treats when I want them, no questions asked.
  • If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone what would you do and with whom?
    • Steve: I would spend the day with Mom because I can give her the sad eyes and get treats. Heck, I even got her to talk Dad into buying me some ice cream at Sonic.
    • Kat: I would probably spend the day with Dad and he would take me to the dog park.
    • Wilbur: I would spend the day with Mom after I commanded Dad to take the furry beasts to the dog park.
  • What is your favorite toy?
    • We’re answering this question in individual posts, so stay tuned.
  • If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?
    • Steve: Mom and Dad would win the lotto and buy me lots of treats.
    • Kat: Mom and Dad would win the lotto and not have to go to work anymore so they could stay home with me all day!
    • Wilbur: Mom and Dad would win the lotto so they could get me my own house with no furry beasts.
PS. Sasha, could you email us your address so we can mail you the prize you won? Thanks!

Also, we still have two rawhide twists to give away. I know some of you aren't allowed to have rawhides, but if you are, the first two people to answer the question right in this post will win. I'll open this contest up to previous contest winners now since no one has responded.

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