SKW IQ Test #3

We got Mom a refill of Mountain Dew so now it’s time for our last installment of the SKW IQ test. I’m not sure whether you will be happy or sad that it’s the last test. So here are the questions. You know the rules by now.

1. I’ve been to the emergency vet.

2. I’m the only pet who won’t fetch.

3. I drool when I’m waiting for Mom or Dad to put my food dish down.

4. I once French kissed a stranger.

5. I’m often referred to as my mom’s shadow.

Good luck once again! We’re going to select two winners this time. The first winner will receive this purple bear stuffie (yes, it's purple even though it looks blue in the picture) and the second winner will receive this pig squeaky toy. Let's see if anypup is still awake.

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