Wilbur's Gymnastics

Well, now that the furry beasts have left and I have some peace and quiet, I'm going to do some blogging. Sitka and Tia asked how I get into my jungle. Specifically they asked if I scaled a wall. The answer to that is "no", although, as this video proves, I could scale a wall if I needed to do so. This was a video from the good ole days when it was just Mom and me in the house and we had carpet for me to sharpen my claws on. Ignore my mom's cackling in the background.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I get to my jungle by first jumping on the counter (I'm not supposed to do that, but I don't listen) then jumping on the refrigerator, then jumping on the DVD shelf, and from there, I can jump into the jungle. If you look closely at the picture of me on the ledge, you can see the top of the DVD shelf in the lower left corner. I am a very athletic cat, so I can pretty much go where I think I need to go.


PS. Maya Marie, I got your question, but I'm going to let one of the furry beasts answer after they get back.

Another torture example

Drawing #1