Rain, rain, go away

It's raining here. Stupid rain. Kat and I were locked in our kennel all day and then when Mom and Dad got home, we were 8 minutes (0.63 miles) into our walk with Mom when it started raining on us. And not just rain, but loud thunder too. Since Dad was out running an errand, Mom told him to come pick us up, so we didn't get to walk anymore. Now we are bored. It's still raining, so Mom doesn't want to let us go outside and get all wet. (Plus I don't really like to get my furriness wet unless it's for swimming.) There is nothing to do. Boring, boring.

What do you pups do when it's raining and you can't talk walks? Maybe you have parents who don't melt in the rain like my mom. Maybe your parents put your needs ahead of their own. (ARE YOU READING THIS, MOM?)


Still raining

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