Lake Adventure

We took a field trip to a lake. It was pretty cool because there were ducks all over. I tried so hard to grab a duck and eat it, but Dad is a really good anchor on the other end of the leash. Mom and Dad didn't let us get completely in the lake to go swimming, but we got to get our paws wet. There were waves coming in and I kept chasing the waves. Steve would bite at them, but I just ran along the crest of the wave with my mouth open, plowing water. Mom and Dad were laughing so much at me that Mom forgot to video it. (That's saying a lot because Mom likes to video EVERYTHING!) I know that Sitka gets to go to the ocean sometimes, but since we don't have an ocean where we live, I guess the lake is the next best thing! Here are a couple of pictures of me when Mom wasn't laughing too hard.


Dad, come on! Let's get that duck!

Why do I have to lead Dad around on his leash? It's really slowing me down.

Biking Excitement!